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Post by kenthewood »

Hi Folding Kayakers

My wife and I bought a FC Klondike last year find this forum really useful - all sorts of handy tips! We paddle in the S.E. of the UK, on canals, rivers and the Solent area. We are planning some camping trips later this year probably in the Welsh borders area. For those on this forum on this side of the pond I have been wondering about forming a Feathercraft owners club or suchlike if there is sufficient interest in meeting up once or twice a year in good paddling locations? Email me if interested.

Ken & Manchun

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Re: Introduction

Post by maryinoxford »

Hi, Ken & Manchun.

As you can gather from my username and sig-line, I'm in Oxford and I have a Wisper. However, if you check through the forum, you'll find that folding kayaks of any kind are fairly rare in the UK, and the owners are spread around quite widely. I've paddled with Fred from London, who has a Klepper. I've met Helen & Dave from Dumfries, who have a Klondike. And Andreadawn, who paddles a K1, posts here occasionally and more often on the UK kayak forum - she posts some great pictures. There are some others but, as I said, widely scattered.

If you can get some kind of joint paddling trip organised, I'd say well done. But you have a fairly small population to draw on; Folbot users in America do have regular meets, but there's a lot of them. Even if only a small percentage are able to make a given event, that still adds up to quite a few paddlers.

In my case, I can be fairly flexible about getting time off work, but I'm immediately handicapped by not having a car. I have twice day-tripped the Wisper to the coast by train, but the boat and all the paddling gear make, to be honest, too much of a load, and I won't do it again. Add camping gear as well, and it simply can't be done, not by me at any rate. Other people (normal people!) have cars, but may be constrained by work or family committments.

So good luck with your paddling, and if you're ever passing through Oxford, let me know and I'll maybe tag along with you for a while.

Not in Oxford any more...

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Re: Introduction

Post by john allsop »

Yes it seems we are all in the "same" boat, here in Northern Ontario the nearest folder to me is in Thunder Bay about 400km away, and the next closest in Toronto over 1000km away. As overnight trips are not possible i am virtually restricted to numerous local lakes which i have to myself and loons, (most of the time). So it,s pretty good even if the season for paddling is short.
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Re: Introduction

Post by Echo »

Hi Ken,

just like Mary say's!

I'm in Norfolk, mainly the Broads, a few other rivers locally, occasional coastal paddles.
I'm out generally once a week.
a couple of trips to West coast Scotland each year, and thats about my limit.
Klepper AE1 & AE2. sold a Yukon to a guy in the lakes.
Limey Dave is in Cambridgeshire, paddled with him a few summers back but haven't heard from him for a while.
If you want to have a go at getting a group of folders together I'd be interested.

Good luck, Happy paddling.


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