Ohoy from Sweden!

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Ohoy from Sweden!

Post by Vildmannen »

Hello fellow folding kayak paddlers!

I'm a 30 year old guy from Stockholm, Sweden.

My career as a paddler began during my military service 10 years ago where we used two man Kleppers for stealthy transport and infiltration of shorelines and islands in the Stockholm archepelago.

I can't recall the exact model we used, but I guess it was a mil spec Klepper 520.

I remember being very impressed with durability of this craft, it had to endure some pretty rough treatment in our tired hands.
We had a standard procedure of hiding the kayaks att the bottom of the sea, just below the shoreline.
To keep them anchored to the bottom we filled them up with seawater and big rocks.
It did put your orienteering skills to the test, to able to find that exact same spot up to two weeks later! :shock:

Anyway, last summer, after carefull negotiations with my wife, I went out and bought myself a beutifull Klepper SL 490 Classic, with a blue deck and grey hull!

So far I've only done solo tours as I don't know anyone who shares this interest of mine, but I really don't mind going by myself.

I'm very impressed with the knowledge and friendly atmosphere I've seen on this forum, and hope to able to contribute and give something back from my side, northeast of the pond!

Please bear with my spelling, English is not my first language!

/ Vildmannen

john allsop
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Re: Ohoy from Sweden!

Post by john allsop »

WELCOME. Your military experience with Kleppers will create a lot of interest, from what i have read you have bought a great boat, i mostly use Klepper Aerius 2s the 520 models, they are pretty old but i have new skins so in effect they are "new" boats. We would love to see some photo,s of your area As regards "first" language, you look at least as able to use english as good as me ,and it,s the only language i know. So welcome from Northern Ontario Canada.


Re: Ohoy from Sweden!

Post by Vildmannen »

Thank you for your warm welcome!

I just remembered that the Klepper was called the "Swedish Navys smallest battleship" because of the massive loads it could carry, including a Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle, machineguns and personal combat gear + a four man tent and what not.

Not very well armoured though, keelstrips aside...

Rest assured that I have no intention of tiring your ears with "military stories", and that I am in no way a gun nut or military buff or anything of that sort, but I will gladly answer any questions I can regarding the tactical side of paddling.

And one more thing, is there a guide somewhere on these forums that explains how to upload photos to your post?



Re: Ohoy from Sweden!

Post by alfster »

Hi Vildmannen. From another newbie here, welcome to the forum. I'm hoping you do share some military stories. I'm sure you've got some interesting stories to tell.


Re: Ohoy from Sweden!

Post by adi2410355 »

Warm welcome from England :)
Your stories sound really interesting, it will be great to hear more.

I have friends living in Sollentuna. I am planning to visit them next year, it would be great to meet you and paddle together perhaps :)


Re: Ohoy from Sweden!

Post by cline »

Hello, and, from another Klepper owner, welcome to the forum. Image

I enjoyed what you said about how you kept the boat on the bottom, and then having to go look for it. That was great. I look forward to hearing more about how you used your military boats and your "adventures" in your new boat. You did get a nice one.

By the way, I think that your English is a lot better than I’ve seen written on some of the various forums that I’ve followed over the years.


Re: Ohoy from Sweden!

Post by Vildmannen »

Hello all!

Regarding the military stories concerning the Klepper, I'm considering to start a seperate thread about that, as there seems to be some interest.

Which subforum would be best for such a topic in your opinion, "Klepper", or maybe "Techniques"?

adi2410355, you, - and anyone else for that matter - are most welcome to contact me through this forum, or by email if you happen to take a wrong turn somewhere and end up in Sweden.

And science you're going to Stockholm anyway it would be a heinous crime against yourself not to go for a kayak trip in the archipelago, almost 35 000 islands to explore and cruise around amongst, not including paddling around Stockholm city or lake Mälaren.
So please let me know when you arrive and we'll think of something, if you don't want to bring your own boat there are plenty of places where you can rent.

Actually, this is a very good country to visit if Paddling and hiking is your forte, the right of common access allows you to explore and set up camp almost anywhere you like.

/ Vildmannen

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Re: Ohoy from Sweden!

Post by vangelis »

Welcome !

Very nice place where you live and interesting stories you have to say.

Thanks for sharing it with us.


Re: Ohoy from Sweden!

Post by Christov_Tenn »


If you prefer to share stories that are not subject search-engine web bots, stick with the Coffeehouse, which is visible to registered users only.


Re: Ohoy from Sweden!

Post by MoeJoe »

Hi Vildmannen, I sent you a PM in case you want to hook up for some kayaking in the Stockholm archipelago.


Re: Ohoy from Sweden!

Post by Vildmannen »

MoeJoe, jag svarade men är osäker på om det gick fram, låt mig veta här om det inte fungerade.

"Sent reply, but don't know if it got through, let me know if you received it"

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