Im a big fat noob

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Im a big fat noob

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Hi all,

I'm a 34 yr old industrial designer working in footwear design (well not actually working now) in Hollywood, FL. I had a 17 footish Wilderness Systems Sealution hard shell and a catalina for my wife to paddle. I've been canoing my entire life in Ohio, NC and Daytona Beach area and now for the last 6 years I've been kayaking.

Recently I sold my 17 footer and had to store my wife's shorter (13'ish) boat at a friends house due to loss of storage space.

I also switched cars and found out my new one can't really car top :( It never even occured to me that it could be an issue. So with that and the fact that all the head hunters I'm working with are setting me up w interviews in California. (always wanted to kayak with whales and seals, Great Whites etc LOL) I'm thinking its about time to build a folder.

I have paddled an old (25 yrs old if a day) two person Folbot owned by a cousin in TN numerous times and it always paddled very well although it was a VERY heavy carry for the two of us. Shes a light weight though so... not really sure of the exact weight? Anyway the weights posted on tom's site are considerably lighter than my old hard shell.

I have been on and off checking both the Guilemot guy's strip site and Yostwerks sites for a couple years now. I almost built a non folding skin on frame boat a couple of diff times but always had something happen. Transfered schools and no space after move or my wife had a fight w her mom and I lost the free use of her garage etc. But I had a big ugly plastic hard shell so I wasn't THAT motivated. Now I'm boatless and I am SERIOUSLY motivated. So its time.

Wish me luck.


I study anthropology on the side with the eventual goal of quitting design and going to grad school for it. Circum Polar studies is a possibility as is underwater archaeology and physical anthro (paleo).

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