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Post by Stevep »

my German girlfriend bought me a 1968 Hammer faltboat for Christmas. Do any English speaking members know anything about them? I've not used it yet but have been able to establish that it fits together OK, even without a set of instructions; which I know have in German. All I know about the craft is that its a double/twin and made in 1968, as I have the original receipt. There appears to be a hole for a mast but there was no mast in the bags, so I assume this was an extra.
Any information welcome, as there doesn't appear to be much about them on the web even in German.

Steve (Burnham-On-Sea, Somerset, UK).

P.S. I've owned a couple of kayaks for a couple of years but I'm still a bit new to the scene.


Post by nohoval_turrets »

Have you seen this: ?

Here it is translated.

"This stand hammer - move-moving two Lychen lies in the historical folding boat cabinet." Somehow, german translates much funnier than french or spanish.

"Who wants to protect the inside of its boat against the penetration of night rope, vermin and Unrat, firmly also, the spritzdecke connected seat hatchway will add itself." So true, so true...


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