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Under the GG Bridge,

Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 12:31 pm
by MarkandJulia
Sounds like a nice challenge, under the golden gate at this time of year, lots of water flowing out, just catch the tides at the right time or your going to end up in Stinson Beach(north) or Pedro Point (south)

Micheal Jenid wrote a nice kayak book for the coast, covers from Russian River to Monterey, and he talks about the cover page of his book, a photo under the golden gate, and the struggle they had to get that photo, and he's a highly experienced sea kayaker. (he gave me my first fiberglass kayak, it had been around the world, and showed it)

take care, I'd love to join you, but not quite ready yet. (still building a spray skirt for my old Klepper) :)