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Hello to all!

Post by MedicineMan »

Here would be me:
http://www.whiteblaze.net/forum/vbg/sho ... userid=163

the basics: 47 yo caucasion male, 6'1" 189 pounds, living in upper north east TN on Ripshin lake elavation 4000 f, work every other week as a pharmacist at Bristol Regional Medical Center, single but dealing with 5 kids, 4 paddlers-1 teetering and the oldest crewing at Baylor School. Hobbies- Appalachian Trail section hiker of 34 years, 4000 miles under boot covering from Springer Mtn to Harpers Ferry and many other trails in the USA and abroad...also been tinkering with bagpipes for 20 years.

2 swifties
1 acadia
1 umiak
2 chinooks
1 viscaya
1 sea lion (first kevlar sea lion in USA wooohooo)
1 nordkapp jubilee
1 ws arctic hawk pro
1 necky looksha II
1 qcc 700
1 cd kestrel 120
1 folbot edisto
1 fc wisper
1 unicorn

Place first paddled: Cherokee Lake, TN, Boy Scout camp, canoe 1971
Place last paddled: 2006 Timucuan Historic and Ecological Preserve

Next boat to aquire: Water Field Qaanaaq 512 or the Kestrel 170

Paddling style: Greenland all the way, having taken several classes under G.Stamer,Dubside,Tuner Wilson, etc.

Why am i here at foldingkayaks.org:
granted i do most paddling in either a QCC 700 or the little Kestrel, I am advancing in my Greenland skills in an FC Wisper-having modified the rib behind the cockpit to facilitate the lay back rolls....and hoping other Wisper owners might post here sharing there experiences with this kayak.

Kheya Shunka


Post by Kheya Shunka »

quite a fleet MM. Welcome aboard.

I own two FC. Kahuna and Khatsolano. First folder was FOLBOT ALeut.


I have been applying myself to greenland technique for exactly one year.
It has been fun and a challenge. I use the short rib in the Khats.



Post by Alm »

Jeff, what was the widest boat that you felt still compatible with Greenland paddle?

Kheya Shunka

Post by Kheya Shunka »

Alex, I have used the GP with my Kahuna which is 25" beam. That is
the widest boat I have tried, it was okay.


soon Dubside will have a video out

Post by MedicineMan »

and in this video you will see him roll a WIDE variety of boats, some with beams approaching 30inches and beyond.

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