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Post by Heath »

Firstly, thank you for the great website. As I am definitely a novice in this sport/hobby, it is an invaluable source of information.

While it is still cold up her in Calgary, Alberta I am eagerly waiting for spring to arrive. Any other members located up North?

Thanks again and look forward to participating to the forums.


john allsop
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Post by john allsop »

welcome to foldup kayaks , use your boat every year and wash and wax , put it away dry, repair if and when req.d , and your boat will really be an investment. after 20 or 30 years of use you could sell it for what you paid for it ,add a new skin and up goes the selling price , although i,d never sell mine it,s 30 years old and i,ve just received a new skin from the dealer in calgary, have you met him,


Post by henry »

Hi heath,

I'm in Calgary. I paddle a Folbot Yukon. If you're still considering a folbot like this and want to have a look at one before ordering - let me know.


Post by Heath »

A fellow Calgarian, hello.

Thanks Henry, just might take you up on it. There is a watersport show this weekend in town so will probably head down to take a look at what there is. Also, was going to hit Undercurrents in Bowness to look around and price out some of the extras such as PFDs, paddles, etc.

There is a new manufacturer starting in Calgary by the name of Trak Kayaks. I think their site is They are supposed to start production on a new folding kayak so am hoping they will be there for a look.

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