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Greetings to all. I've owned a Klepper Airus II for about 25 years. I've enjoyed many wonderful adventures during that time. A few years ago I purchased a new hull and have not been out since. Perhaps my days of Folding Kayaks are coming to a close. :( Can anyone suggest how I might arrive at a value for my Klepper if I decide to sell it? It has all the basics plus main sail/jib, spray cover, and small cart. Overall is is in very good condition. One paddle has delaminated on the edge and one wooden piece has been repaired. I live near Austin, Texas. Thanks for your help.


Post by Alm » --> search Aerius --> check Completed Items box --> click Show Items --> click Kayaks and Canoe category (to exclude horoscopes etc). Very easy :-) ... There could be nothing on sale right now, but Completed Items will show sold (or unsold) boats for the last few weeks. Those wooden paddles by Klepper - I don't think they are too valuable.

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my aerius 11s are 30 and 35 plus years old. I have klepper and pacific action sails, I am 68 this year and have just bought a new skin. If I was selling an outfit with a new skin I would add 1500 to the cost of the skin, this would be for the complete outfit (one boat). assuming your skin is perfect and it has,t dried in the folds which seems to be where they go if lefted folded up too long. you must of course be lower than a new boat to make it attractive. but it would be nice to re-create a new interest in going out in your klepper I go out on many day trips with a few over nights and a week or two sea kayaking and sailing on the great lakes, if you find the s4(s2) main sail too big jib sail only I do it sails fine.

Kapitän von Klepper

Post by Kapitän von Klepper »

I recently tried finding a consistant way to price old Kleppers. Unfortunately I've found e-bay is inconsistant except to establish an average. I've seen very desirable boats go for $500, and wrecks go for $1500. It sometimes seems to be a crap shoot depending on if informed people are bidding, how competative they are (gotta have it! -at all costs!) and sometimes how knowledgable the seller is. As an example a current seller has his boat assembled improperly and makes it appear to be missing its coaming. Replacement coamings run around $300, so you can see how if most people think it's missing than less people will be interested in bidding seriously. Another example of a misinformed (dishonest?) seller, recently ran a boat that was at least 30 years old as less than 5 and compared its value to new boats at $5000! :?

Anyway, in your situation, your skin and frame have to be evaluated seperately. If I were selling your rig, I'd value the skin at half of new current value, if it's in nearly new condition from 0-5 years. If older I'd depreciate it on a 25 year scale (average life expectancy) but never lower than 10% of new current value unless it won't float/rotton deck, (then complete boat buyers usually opt to have the skin discarded rather than shipped).
For the frame, depending on wear and tear, 25 - 35 year old frames seem to value between $300 and $600. Though, I've seen badly photographed/described frames go for $150. A new Klepper's frame is usually half the value of the complete boat. Klepper boasts a 40 year average life expectancy on frames, so again some sort of depreciation scale can be created by starting from half new current value spreading the depreciation over 40 years but never dropping below 10% of the new current value, unless the frame is thoroughly worn/boken/missing parts. Based on information I've recently gained from Long Haul, I personally now percieve certain characteristics of older Klepper frames to be more desirable than newer frames. Namely this is the main coaming on doubles. Newer boats have a weaker/cheaper design.

Accessories are a little trickier. There's little consistant data from e-bay to even establish averages. On e-bay these accessories are usually included with the entire boat. However some instances occur. Amazingly not so ergonomic 5 - 40 year old Klepper paddles have gone for $50 - 70. Compare at new for $120. 40 year old worn sail rigs have occasinally gone as high as $700. Recently a nearly new condition, but 25 year old S-4 went for $375. Again if I were selling a rig, I'd probably try to evaluate on a similar scale as the frame. (Sails on a similar scale as the skin).
There are a couple points to add: Assigning a condition on a scale of 1-10 could help establish a second scale to average in with the depreciation scale to help decide on a high or low number. Boats in reasonable condition seem to begin to appreciate at some time around 35+ years, -though nothing dramatic. There's a current T-8 (frame only) on e-bay I expect will bring at least $400 - 500.

I hope this helps. :)


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