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Hi, I think I have posted here before, but not often. I'm an oldie from Kitchener, Ontario, and read this forum every day. Usually my favourite paddling areas are Georgian Bay and the North Channel, but this is kind of a down year for me for travelling far with my boat(s), because of serious illness in the family. However, I plan be out on local lakes and the Grand River whenever I can. I notice John Allsop is from this area, and wonder if you ever go to Guelph Lake, John. It's a nice place for a quiet hour or two paddle in mid week. I have often been the only person on the water at times. I take the Java (sort of folder, I guess) more than my other boats nowadays because it is so light and my creaky knees find it easier to get in and out of a sit on top.

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dear orcawoman this is john allsop, yes I have been a few times to guelph lake during the week as I,m retired, if you would like to meet there please phone me, my number is in the telephone book , we are the only one,s in cambridge, I have kleppers with sails, pacific action and klepper, I,m also considering conestoga lake to try the sails on a larger body of water. week end is more difficut to go out.

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