Greetings from Aberdeen Scotland!

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Greetings from Aberdeen Scotland!

Post by CJS »

Hello fellow folders. I have been a reader for some time, but finally got round to registering recently. Currently I have an Aerius 2 Expedition 2004 with the S4 rig (the 'S' stands for swim - only kidding!) and an Aerius 1 'Basic' c.2003, which I bought used. Both boats have different qualities and both give a lot of pleasure in use. I have never owned a hard shell kayak (may do some day) and came to folders from open boats/canoes/canadians. The initial attraction for me was to have a stable boat with good load carrying capacity and capable of use in wind and rough water conditions, the possibility of sailing was another and significant plus point.

All of my trips are around the windswept Scottish coastline, but I am hatching plans of flying to Scandinavia with the double and making use of the low cost airlines we have here.

Most of us are or were in the same position when it comes to choosing our folder i.e. lots of questions & difficult to demo a boat before you buy. So I would like to say a big thank you to Mike for this site (and to all of you contributors) and to Ralph Diaz for his wonderful book, which have all helped me to get the most from my folding boats. Happy paddling!

john allsop
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greetings from aberdeen scotland

Post by john allsop »

welcome, It,s nice to see kleppers north of the border. ( It,s some time since I looked at this column ) when I bought a used klepper to get the sails I decided the main on the s4 was too large for me , so I jib sailed, and with lines I am able to raise and lower the jib from the rear seat. I now use PACIFIC ACTION sails and I like them. If you hav,nt seen one It,s a V sail which can be deployed and lowered at will . they are made in new zealand and have an interesting web site.

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