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Hello. I have come the this site for information numerous times and have just recently discovered the forum. About me:

I am a:
30-something male.

I live in:
Central Ohio.

have kayaked for:
5+ years.

Boats I own:
Two Innova/Gummotex Sunnys.

Favorite paddles (so far):
Almost anywhere on Lake Michigan - Wilderness SP this summer was really nice.

I ordered my first boat after doing a tremendous amount of research on almost every resource available. Though I was nervous about going inflatable, the Sunny was a perfect fit at the time. As times have changed and the family has grown, they may actually fit my needs better now. I have been able to push them pretty far for an IK - the aforementioned Wilderness SP trip was a 14 mile day trip that culminated in 2 1/2 miles of 3-5' waved and 15-20 knot winds. I do frequently play with the idea of building a folder and learning some real skills. Maybe in my free time. I also have sporadically crewed on a friend's sailboats over the last two summers, and am interested in advancing my sailing skills.

I am still a beginner in this sport, but I have paddled a number of rec and light touring boats in a variety of conditions, so I think I have a reasonable basis for comparison to IKs. I also have read almost every shred of information on the web related to IKs and kayaking. If only I had spent that time on the water....

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