Heeding the call...

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Heeding the call...

Post by rasmusmoller »

Here I am, gently nudged by the mje.

My name is Rasmus Møller (the letter after M is the Danish "o with a bar").
I live in Copenhagen. I am 40y old, married, 4 kids (10-18y), work as a SW engineer in an insurance company in Denmark.

I have a 420 dinghy since 20 years, but I got tired of the maintenance as I live in a flat 15 km from the shore - no garden, no garage. As I am half-Inuit, I finally succombed to the Natural Need of Kayaking :) I chose a cheap (wife's "advice") skin-on-frame folding kayak with sail option and outriggers, a set of euro paddles and (of course) a GP. I chose a double to include family member/friend in the fun, and to make a sensible average of my own robust self-confidence 8) and the more moderate one of my wife/family.

I have had it for a few months now, spent 30 hours in it and my kayak fever is still high - and my wife enjoys paddling with me (as long as we take it easy).

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