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Hi from the river Danube, the old foldboat highway of Europe
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Author:  krudave [ Sat Oct 14, 2006 2:11 am ]
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Well, I really did not want to stir things up so much.

I am really pleased West Coast Will is here, and hope he lets us in on his future adventures!

Author:  Kapitän von Klepper [ Sat Oct 14, 2006 1:21 pm ]
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I also wish to express "Get Paddling :wink: soon wishes for Willi.

I'm moving this discussion too:
(Link: ^)

Forum Disagreements :)


Author:  westcoastwill [ Mon Oct 16, 2006 6:03 pm ]
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After an "offline" weekend in Salzburg (i visited my girlfriend) i am back on the forum and i am really surprised what has happened in the meantime since my last visit!:shock:

The sheer number of posts is amazing and i cant belive how many views my humble introductions has got. Thank you very much, guys, for all your
posts and views.

I am also glad, that any tensions got defused (that is, if there where any at all) and i promise to leave any off topic subjects in the new Coffee house.:oops:
(like favorite comix - too bad that Tintin never kayaked in a folder, eh? :wink: )

Andreas, I liked your avater instantley and i feel we have a lot in common. will meet you for off topics in the new cafe place and i hope to have a beer with you on your Stammtisch on my next trip overseas. maybe we can meet at the new relocated Folding Kayak Adventures in Durango, Colorado?
(did i mention, that i bought 2 feathercrafts from Lyle?)

Christjrn, thank you very much for your kind offer, next time i am in Switzerland, we have to watch Herge on TV and dip our paddles in one of the great swiss lakes!

Dave, thank you for your wishes, i finished therapy this week and will give kayaking a new try this week, will post a photo from the Danube later, i am looking forward to end my landlubber days, have done a lot of hiking this days.

Here is a photo from this morning:

For all of you forum members, and to bring my introductions back to the original topic, here are some photos from my last big kayak trip before the bike crash, i went for a week paddling to the Broken Group Islands.

Start at Sechart

Westcoastpaddler at dawn (the paddler is Mark S.)

What kind of whale is that? Was surfacing pretty close!

Happy campers: from left: Art, Mark & me

Clarke Island sunset

Another close encounter

K1 back home in Austria

I hope you enjoy the photos,

servus to all,



Author:  krudave [ Mon Oct 16, 2006 10:18 pm ]
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Will, that is a humpback whale. When I was in the Broken Group with local paddler Bernd Gerkens (yes, Bernie was born in Germany!) a year ago, there was a similar sized humpback cruising all over. We saw this whale several days, different places. They are very active.

Mark, in those photos, is a very active hardshell paddler living in Victoria on Vancouver Island.

Keep on posting those photos!

Author:  Kapitän von Klepper [ Tue Oct 17, 2006 12:27 pm ]
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Hallo Willi:

Schöne Foto!

Ich weiß nicht ob ich gleich nach Durango fahren kann, weil ich ein neu Arbeit mit Norwegian Cruise Lines habe und in Hawaii sein werde. Ich werde mein Kleppers (und Auto) mit mein Bruder in Washington State lassen. Hoffenlich kann mein Bruder später mein Einer zu mir schichen. :?
Vielleicht können wir einmal in Oregon oder Washington mit dem Dave zusammen Kajak fahren? Oder kommt ihr alle nach Hawaii!

Es tut mir Leid; Der Kampf war wirklich nicht ein Kampf. :oops: Es war nur Zeit für eine Einverstanden. :)



-Ist es Off-topic wann etwas auf einer Fremdsprache ist?

Author:  westcoastwill [ Wed Oct 18, 2006 6:56 pm ]
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I have figured out now how to work with photobucket, you can expect more photos in the future from me.

Andreas, be carfull with invitations to Hawaii, i might take your word for it and crash in your livingroom :mrgreen:

Yeah, lets get together with Dave and go kayaking, i know some great and crazy guys in Victoria, they can take us out to the Gulf or San Juan Islands!



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