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Hello from Toronto, Canada

Post by M4M1K2 »

Hello all;

Since I'm bound to be asking plenty of very involved (but still dumb) questions in the coming months, I thought I'd start by introducing myself.

My name is Matthew, and I live in Toronto. (My user ID is my postal code, so you can find out exactly where I am very easily.) I'm a complete novice, but have been interested in sea kayaks for at least seven years. Life's circumstances have combined to put me in a position to buy a kayak, and I'm not about to miss the chance. I'm not planning on mounting any major expeditions, but learning to paddle is something I've always wanted to do.

I've been building a small library recently, and some of the titles mentioned here have made their way into my collection. I've been reading "the Complete Folding Kayaker" (it's not about yoga, as I first thought), "Fundamentals of Kayak Navigation", "Handbook of Safety and Rescue", "Kayaking Made Easy" (I think - my future paddling partner has it) and a local paddling guide. That gives me more books than I have hours of paddling experience.

My immediate plans are to take some in-pool courses this winter, and have a couple of weeks on open water in March, even if I have to buy a wet suit. I'm in a hurry because I will be flying to Australia in April, and want to be able to venture out for day trips, even if I'm on my own. ...And I'm just starting to realize how far over my head this ambition is.


Post by Rods »

Hi Matthew,
I've been reading "the Complete Folding Kayaker" (it's not about yoga, as I first thought
Nice one. Made me laugh.

Welcome from another newbie (I only started earlier this year). You've come to the right place as there is a fund of experience here. Good luck for wherever your paddle takes you (once you start, it can be full of surprises as to what sort of paddling you most enjoy).



Post by M4M1K2 »

Hi Rods, thanks for the welcome.

I'm already being surprised by kayaking. I originally thought I'd start out by taking a few lessons, and maybe renting a couple of times this coming summer. Now I'm buying a boat and planning on flying it half-way around the world. I originally thought that a kayak would bring a new perspective to my photography, now I'm choosing camera equipment based on the needs of kayaking.

Who knew...


Post by westcoastwill »


welcome to the forum, this is just the beginning, pretty soon, you will become a regular customer at the Mountain equipment Coop in Toronto, happens to me all the time and they are rolling out the red carpent for me every time i step into the store on Broadway in Vancouver!



Kapitän von Klepper

Re: Hello from Toronto, Canada

Post by Kapitän von Klepper »

M4M1K2 wrote:Since I'm bound to be asking plenty of very involved (but still dumb) questions in the coming months, I thought I'd start by introducing myself.
Hello Matthew, welcome aboard!
There's really no such thing as a dumb question. A dumb question asked is better than a valid question unasked. Anyway, I've asked my share of dumb questions. One of my first postings was asking a general Klepper vs. Feathercraft :roll: . I'm also well known for rambling off topic :roll: . Even though my family has been paddling these boats for generations, I was (and still am) ignorant in many topics. I've learned book loads of useful and trivial information on this site.
Happily, if all goes well, I'll be paddling with a FC owner next week :) We plan to try each other's boats, so at long last I'll be able to chuckle at any neophites that come and ask general Klepper vs. FC questions :lol: .



Re: Hello from Toronto, Canada

Post by M4M1K2 »

Hi Willi; MEC and I are already good friends. I work just a few minutes from the one in downtown Toronto, so it's waaaayyy too easy to duck over there at lunch. Very dangerous. (That's the reason why I have so many kayaking books.) Off the top of my head, I'm going to need a PFD, all the safety gear, enough drybags and cases to fit a week's worth of transcontinental luggage, and a GPS. I wonder if they sell a compass suitable for mounting -- I bought a hand-bearing compass from them last spring. It's a great place.

Kaptain von Klepper wrote:There's really no such thing as a dumb question.
Hi Andreas, a lot of people have told me that, and most of them have stopped saying it as a consequence. :? I've been reading your messages for a while, so it's hard to imagine you as a beginner. Still, I appreciate the sentiment, and hopefully I'll be able to answer some questions when it's my turn.

Thanks for the welcome, I appreciate it very much.



Post by Anne »

Hi M4M1K2, for your next lunch break, MEC sells the Suunto deck compass at a very good price.
http://www.mec.ca/Products/product_deta ... 1388192756


Post by M4M1K2 »

Hi Anne, thanks for the tip. I'll stop off on Monday and see if the store still carries that model. They're starting to replace their paddle-sports selection with the skis and snowshoes, so I don't want to wait if they still have it. I'll probably pick up some of the other mandatory safety equipment, too. I doubt there are very many people outfitting boats in March, so I want to get it while it's still in stock. They're going to love me.

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