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Hello! Kleppering in the San Francisco Bay Area

Posted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 1:18 am
by kaace
Hey all, I'm based in the San Francisco Bay area. I received a Klepper Aerius I (AI) from a family member about a month ago. If the dates listed here are accurate ( then my AI is somewhere between 1987 and 1997.

The skin and wood seem to be in great shape. It's taken me out on four trips now and handled beautifully. One of those paddles was a solo overnight trip on Tomales Bay ( I loaded it with probably close to 100lbs of gear (you're required to bring your own water and firewood on Tomales so I was quite heavy). Including myself, the AI was carrying close to 300lbs. Pretty incredible.

A burning question from me for the Klepper crowd is about the Klepper's spray skirt:
  • Does anyone have experience using a universal spray skirt on the Aerius (preferably the AI)? How is it? I really don't want to pay $300 for Klepper's custom version if I can avoid it.
  • Is it true that the Klepper spray skirt attaches with Velcro around the coaming?! :shock: I'd love to see photos of how it connects if anyone's got them.

Re: Hello! Kleppering in the San Francisco Bay Area / Respon

Posted: Sun Mar 03, 2019 2:24 pm
by GrnMtns
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Hi Kaace,
Welcome to the folding world. I have an 1980's A1 and use it all the time . I got a fresh skin for the frame from Long Haul Folding kayaks in Colorado. If you ever need parts they are a good resource. They offer two spray skirts that tuck under the coaming. Quite secure. I almost never use mine as it is always quite dry unless I use my BSD sail rig.

Re: Hello! Kleppering in the San Francisco Bay Area

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 12:27 am
by kaace
Awesome! I’m working my way up to a Klepper with a sail. Looks like a blast :-)

Yes, Long Haul is on my radar. I feel incredibly stable in the AI, and I don’t really feel like I need the spray skirt for normal use. The main reason I’d get it is to join club kayakers here in the area. I was told at one of the club meetings that the club trips err on the side of safety and might require spray skirts to paddle out on the Bay. But thanks for the upvote on Long Haul, I’ll take a second look there.

Re: Hello! Kleppering in the San Francisco Bay Area

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 11:57 am
by gbellware
+1 on suggestion for Longhaul spray skirt, but call soon to check out this option. I spoke with Mark (founder/owner of Longhaul) the other day and he mentioned that he may not be making more of the "tuckunder" models, specifically the one I use, in the future.
That said, I use both the Klepper and the Longhaul sprayskirts.
-I have the Klepper skirt on my double quattro. It attaches via a velcro strip, the female piece which is permanently attached to the outside of the combing with adhesive backing directly to the Klepper combing. The sprayskirt has a male velcro strip that goes around the entire inside edge. It works OK and it has served its purpose for almost 10 years.
-I have the Longhaul "tuckunder" sprayskirt on my single. It is still mostly a velcro closure but the female velcro piece is held to the combing by a tuckunder strip of material that hold tight between the deck and combing when the sponsons are inflated. It is, imo, superior to the Klepper piece in every way. Material, construction, functionality, and convenience.

I also suggest that you don't think of a sprayskirt as a rough water/weather need only. I use mine every time I paddle or sail. It keeps me warm on cool days, it keeps the sun off my legs and it comfortable in all but the hottest summer weather, it keeps water from dripping on me, and it keeps my boat cleaner. And you will be so thankful the first time you get caught in the rain or get hit by a wave when you watch the water slide of the cover instead of soaking your butt.

Just my $.02

Re: Hello! Kleppering in the San Francisco Bay Area

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 11:13 pm
by kaace
Ah, a Klepper vs. LongHaul comparison is very helpful. Thanks. It doesn't sound ideal to use velcro for the sprayskirt but I can't really argue if you've gotten 10 years out of the Klepper's skirt. I sent Mark a message through his site's contact form asking for more details on the A1 spray skirts. The only ones I'm seeing are listed as an "upgrade" option to the purchase of a new hull. Curious to know how much it'll run if sold separately.

And fair points made on the benefits of using the spray skirt. The waters are cold here, and I've skipped a couple paddles already in part due to the possibility of rain. I might not have cared so much if I had the spray skirt.