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New Member in Central NY

Posted: Sun Mar 10, 2019 2:09 pm
by raft
Hello from Chenango County - Nice to see a website/forum devoted to this aspect of kayaking. This little corner of the world is not a hotbed of kayaking, after the Adirondacks we are the most heavily forested county in NYS. Though my boating history had never before included kayaking that changed two years ago when I happened to come across a canoeist who was selling a kayak that he had bought secondhand but never used. The ridiculously low asking price for a kayak in such pristine condition insured that I became the owner of an 18' TRITON triple cockpit folding kayak that was made in Russia.
This kayak appears to be similar to a model that Klepper was selling at that time (except for the fact that Klepper used wood frames on theirs and this kayak has an aluminum frame). I will NOT be folding it because a) it will only be used on a nearby five mile long lake and I have ample room to store it already assembled, b) I watched online videos about folding/assembling a Klepper and decided that wasn't for me, and most importantly c) the instruction manual is written in Russian.
Though it has seen more shelf wear than actual use during the time I have had it I have managed to get it on the water (it was already assembled when I bought it) - I thought it quite stable (sat in center cockpit). I expected to zig zag and make frequent course corrections but IMO it was laserlike in staying on course ( while i paddled i used the bow handle with landmarks in the background as reference points - little or no deviation). Also, though I was mindful of the need to keep it balanced it only leaned excessively when I wanted to "sea trial" it to see how far I could get it to heel over before it became too tippsy.
I feel that it is too heavy for just me alone to always be loading/unloading by myself- I'm retired but the kayakers I know do their boating on rivers instead of lakes - so I trailer it instead of cartopping (being it's only me trailering to the concrete launch ramp seems so much easier ). I also have a concern , even though I realize the fabric is extremely durable ( having once owned an AVON inflatable skiff ), that my gunkholing will lead to a puncture or tear. This TRITON will most likely be my training model until I find something that is hard shelled and lighter as well as affordable. If I decide to sell I'll post here first.

Re: New Member in Central NY

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 5:49 pm
by idc
Nice to hear about one of the Russian models of kayak. While there is no reason to fold away a folding kayak if you have the space to keep it fully assembled, I have read that it is good to disassemble aluminium frames once in a while to prevent the aluminium tubes corroding together, thereby eliminating their ability to fold on the occasions you might want to fold them (air travel?). But perhaps that was particularly when used in sea water. No doubt someone here will be able to correct me.

Have you any photos of it?

Re: New Member in Central NY

Posted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 9:40 am
by raft
sorry it took me so long to reply - being old school I don't use a computer all that much so I didn't read your e-mail until I found a notice from this website when i checked my inbox (somebody told me awhile back her address was closed because she didn't check within certain time so i check inbox now/then).
you are right about the aluminum frames, what you are referring to is called poultice corrosion which is something that is caused by insufficient air/oxygen at the surface of the aluminum. there is no need for it to be in or near a saltwater environment for that to occur, could happen in backyard on non-nautical and far inland...….coincidentally stainless steel can also corrode if deprived of air/oxygen at its surface. In addition to disassembling there are probably other options available to me to address this because the deck is something of a two piece affair. there is the cloth type fabric section that makes up most of the deck, that fabric is sealed to the gray Hypalon type material. then there is a very heavy vinyl piece that contains the three separate cockpits...….this section is about seven or eight feet long and it can be removed because it only attaches to the deck by permanently attached super heavy duty Velcro. if I were to remove that portion I could reach in and just give each frame a slight twist, that's probably all that would be needed to delay corrosion. for my purposes i'll leave it as it is because i never put things together the same way after taking stuff apart ( i once changed water pump on Lincoln MARK IV i owned back in the day / when i was finished there were two large bolts left over and i couldn't remember where they went / car ran fine / goes to show how car manufacturers overcharge for parts you don't really need)
as for pictures i don't own cell phones or digital cameras to take pics, even if i did i wouldn't know how to post (when i advertise on craigslist i'm at a disadvantage for this reason). my good friend is like me, old school and no modern technology. i know someone who i can rely on to do that because she does that all the time but it will have to wait until the weather breaks, it's snowing again.