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New old Klepper

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 8:08 am
by petejevans
Hello all,

I am new to the community having just taking delivery of an unused 1990's Klepper Aerius II. My family and I travel the world, so we are in the US at the moment, but going to Thailand at the end of this month. Looking forward to using the new boat this month to get used to it before packing it onto a plane to get it to Bangkok and the offshore islands of Thailand...

Glad to join you all.


Re: New old Klepper

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 1:58 pm
by Tord55

Hope it goes well (off to Thailand myself soon), and have been thinking of doing something similar (got an Aerius XXL, which originally was a II).

How much does getting it to Thailand cost?!

All the best,


Re: New old Klepper

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2019 11:24 am
by petejevans
I am breaking mine down into a couple of suitcases (along with some clothes!) plus a sports bag. My airline will charge 150 for a sports bag. I have ordered a gold bag cover, to put the long pieces to protect them, so I'll let you know how it goes.