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Hi everyone!

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 3:30 am
by ZGphoto
My name is Nick Tininenko, and I'm from Aspen, CO. Years ago, a friend and I owned a Klepper Aerius II together, then I sold him my half of the boat, as he was moving to the Caribbean for a couple years. Recently, I've caught the bug again, and am looking forward to purchasing another Klepper sometime in the near future. Of course, I would love to purchase a Long Haul MkII, but will probably have to settle for used Klepper for now... So, if anyone here has one they're looking to unload, please feel free to contact me! I have found a few possible candidates recently, but I will be looking extensively until I find the right boat. I'm especially interested in rigging the boat with a Balogh Batwing, and would appreciate and advice those with experience have to offer! I look forward to discussing these incredible boats with you all!

Re: Hi everyone!

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 11:00 am
by kdwalmsley
Welcome Nick,

I’m very happy with my BSD setup so far. As long as you realize it doesn’t turn your kayak into a one design sailboat or a racing sailing canoe, it could make you very happy.

With my sized sails, masts stepped where they are, and leeboard sized, shaped, and placed where it is... my boat points high enough to make me happy. Change any one of those factors and your boat’s performance will change.

Hardware is excellent with Harken brand fittings and reinforced, anodized tubing. Mastheads for the halyards are cast plastic not sheaved. No big deal. Sail stitching is an 8 out of 10. The reefing system uses a zipper which is very convenient but not crucial. I never had a problem with flaking and tying to reef, but the zipper system is a lot faster. Batten tension is adjustable. Hardly needed for my style of kayak sailing, but gives me the opportunity to regale my wife my self described sailing expertise and fiddle with things. The wood used for the leeboard is outstanding.

I can rig the boat while afloat if water conditions are mild. I believe I could strike and stow sail in very bad weather, but have not tested it yet in foul weather.

Speed is generally limited for me by not wanting to bury the ama nor hike out. I have more than enough sail and weight to break things.

Let me know if you need a picture of something on the BSD rig. I’m on vacation so cell reception may limit posts.

Opinion based on:
My BSD sailing experience is currently limit to lakes and reserviors with a BSD Expedition Schooner Rig, 24’ and 36’, on a Long Haul MKII Stretch. My general sailing experience comes from racing Thistles, Hobies, and J24’s on up to Merle Peterson’s Viveka.

Re: Hi everyone!

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2019 11:30 am
by gbellware
Welcome Nick, and good luck with your search. You should be able to find a nice A2 in the $1,200 range but do not go NEAR a boat that has a cracking/delaminating skin. The frame will last forever or, at least, it is repairable. The skin...not so much, and that is where the value of a used Klepper lies.
The BSD rig is really sweet on an A2, I would suggest the HP 36 Sport with 2 zipped reefs. The rig is very well made and should last many, many years with some reasonable care. You will need to reef (1) above 12mph wind and (2) above 18mph, in my experience. You can sail without reefing in high winds but you will actually lose power, stability, and heading. That was counterintuitive for me for a while but I am now a believer. Smaller sail area actually flies faster and points higher in big winds.
There are lots of sailors here and you are bound to want to tinker with your system and, as KD says, every little element can make a big (and fun!) difference. One fellow you might want to speak with is Jon Sairs at Sailyourkayak. He is on this forum and he knows Kleppers and just about any other boat that can sail a BSD.
Fair winds!