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Hey folks!

I’ve been messing about with boats for 30 years or so, and have a couple of kayaks (see signature). I bought the Folbot used in the ‘90s, and the next time that I visited my father, he gave me the Klepper that his father had bought in the ‘50s. My grandfather had bought a new skin for the Klepper right around time that they stopped using it, so the skin is in great shape. The rubber longeron clips had rotted, so I bought replacements to be used in a restoration of the frame. A few years later, I built a CLC C-17 and it became my primary kayak.

Fast forward 2 decades, with a marriage, divorce, the birth of my daughter 3 years ago, and I am digging out the Folbot for family adventures. I assembled the boat in the backyard last night, no instructions, but I remembered the process well enough to get the boat together. I found this forum looking for official assembly notes and advice on maintenance.

The Klepper was never restored, but if the family takes to the Folbot, I’ll get the Klepper back onto my list of projects.

I hope that the community here can help with info and that I can give back in return.

If there are any active SoCal members, send me a PM and maybe we can meet up...

Smooth seas and fair winds,
Kayaks: Folbot Super TSF w/ sailing rig, Klepper Aerius 2 tandem, CLC Chesapeake 17, Aquaglide Chelan HB Tandem XL
Sailboats: 1964 Cheoy Lee Bermuda 30 ketch, 1990 Farrier F-27F trimaran
Southern California

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