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Newbie from Arizona

Post by Nutmeg »

Hi..It's I...the Newbie from the high of the Saguaro.
I've owned and used my very old Folbot Super since about 1967..or so. It is (of course) a double or triple if necessary..but now I'm older and looking for an old-person-paddle boat...only in shape of a Kayak. Some interesting 'yaks on E-bay...but I am a tad fearful of chosing the wrong boat...There may not be many kayakers here since the lakes are small and stagnant and the rivers are dry. I plan to go to the Sea of Cortez and try out whatever I buy--or build. I bought a couple of books and downloaded the "Pak-yak" free plans. Nothing thrills me on the net...except of course the cost of a new Kayak. I think I need a "folder"..or one I can cut i two..if such there be. Getting it home is a also. Ideas...anyone? :roll: :?

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Folbot still makes good boats at good prices. Pakboats' Puffins are very good, also, and very different from Folbot. If you look areound this site, especially under "What boat for me?", you will find a lot of info. What are you looking for in a boat? What does being older imply that you are looking for in a boat?
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Re: Newbie from Arizona

Post by menedem »

For wood-frame boats, similar to Klepper or older Folbots, you might want to consider Wayland. Their boats provide a good compromise between cost and quality, and are sea-worthy.

For other types of boats, I would second Chris's opinion. Folbot makes very decent boats out of modern materials that also provide a good price-quality compromise. For something on the lighter side, Pakboats work well.

There is also an Atlatl, but I believe that this boat was meant mostly for protected areas -- some reports state that it may not be built strong enough for sea sailing.


Thanks for the information

Post by Nutmeg »

Chris T and Menedem...Thanks for the helpful comments. I am looking and learning....there is a lot of information available and many people willing to share their first hand knowledge and advice. So...thanks.
Margaret (AKA Nutmeg)

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