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Checking Back In

Post by yakers »

Long time paddler (25+years) had a number of kayaks and was active on a couple web boards years back. (not active here but registered whe it started) Haven't paddled much in the last few years after some long, difficult medical issues. I hope to get out more in the near term. My current (mostly stored) 'fleet' consists of a Folbot Greenland II, A Folbot Aleut, my wife's Hobbie inflatable pedal kayak and a Pygmy wood boat I made 19 years ago. A few other boats have passed through my garage, 3 of them ended up with my older son. Very recently a friend passed on to me a Klepper Aerius II. Don't know much about the model, I would like to know its age. Very similar to a Folbot in many ways. Well, if I can't paddle at least I can putter around with one in the garage. The frame is in good shape, the hull fantastic shape (must never paddle in coral/shallow rocky waters. The deck is the main issue. Definitely faded and some small tares and ripped off fabric attachment loops. Its interesting that one can fix or replace frame parts and patch hulls but decks may be the ultimate determint of folding kayak lile expectancy.
Any suggestions for Klepper deck repair/restoration? Can a new deck be sewn/glued on top?
And hello to posters here. Good to see that there is a web board not just on facebook!

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Re: Checking Back In

Post by Abbesnabb »

I'd say the hull is more of a concern than the deck. Spent my summer replacing the deck on a Klepper Aerius 20. It was absolutely doable, the part that took the majority of the time was attaching the deck to the hull which I did by hand.


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