Anyone uses Spirit Sails on their FC?

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Anyone uses Spirit Sails on their FC?

Post by happywolfie »

Are there users of Spirit sails on FC who can comment on the ease of setting up and taking down the sail? I read a review at ... ling2.html that says trying to set it up on the water seems akin to walking the tightrope.

I doubt that it's really that difficult to get the sail up on the water, but of course I've no experience with it. Any comments to share?

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Post by chrstjrn »

Even with my barge-like Klepper and Balogh sails, I would agree with the tightrope comment.
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Jan Dudda

Post by Jan Dudda »

I just tried the 0.75sm spirit sail and putting it up and down in wind and waves is really difficult. Once it is up, it is nice downwind sailing, because the sail bends with the gusts and is forgiving. If you have the choice, take the Pacific action sail, which is of similar price and much easier and faster to handle.

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