Klepper Arius Expedition 585

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Klepper Arius Expedition 585

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Have been a fan of Klepper since I tried a 50 years old Arius II, 5 years ago.
Having an Ally folding canoe, a Boreal kayak and 2 surfboards, I thought the klepper with a sail rig could combine all these wessels into one...
I would like to know if any one in here has any experience with a sail rig on the 585 version, and if it performs better or worse than the 545 and 520 versions?
I cant find any pictures of the 585 version, on the Klepper web sight it seems like they show the 520 for all the double models, and just change the fact sheet.
Ive read the 585 is made in a 4 person version but I can only find a picture of a 4 person spraydeck...

Im not looking for a sailboat, just want to be able to use the wind as an aid when I go sailing with the family onboard... ;-) and I think the big Klepper can carry as much as my canoe and will do a lot better when the sea gets wavy...


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