Tests completed for AMA, standing, sea-wing substitute.

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John Monroe

Tests completed for AMA, standing, sea-wing substitute.

Post by John Monroe »

Alex here are the tests I did for standing in my 28 inch wide round bottom boat with the Folbot ama's in place. So you should have no problem with your Balough pontoons while standing.


I didn't think it would be easy to take my aka/ama off and put it back on but it was quite easy. I just shifted my weight slightly for re-alignment to slip the tubing back on. With your aka in back of you, you might have more of a problem.

My paddle float made a nice sea-wing. I tied a rope at each end and jammed the short rope into a cleat, tied the other rope to the end of my paddle and slipped the rope under the boat to the other side and pulled it tight in a cam cleat. About half of the paddle float is under water making the boat more stable when the ama is off on that side. The pond was calm so you might have problems in waves.




Re: Tests completed for AMA, standing, sea-wing substitute.

Post by Alm »

Sure, one can stand with both amas inflated. Not only I stand up sometimes (to have a better look when approaching unfamiliar shore), but also do all sorts of other things that might be necessary. Like going to washroom, and one of those "products" requires sitting on the cockpit coaming, face inwards, the other end hanging outside - and this is a serious test of balance. If the area is secluded enough, of course. Fishes don't mind...

It's a good idea to use a paddlefloat temporarily, though I think it might be not optimal in my case. When one ama fails in heavy winds (in calm weather my stability with one ama is good) - temporary stabilizer has to be installed fast. Threading the rope under the boat in wind and waves will be difficult (and I don't want to sail with this rope permanently under the hull).

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