Kite Sailing?

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Kite Sailing?

Post by MoeJoe »

Anyone tried to use a kite for kayak sailing? One of those steerable ones that are also used for wake boards etc. But smaller I guess.. Possible to go upwind with them? Suitable size?

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Re: Kite Sailing?

Post by maryinoxford »

MoeJoe, have a look at this thread on the British forum: ... =4&t=51079

Although the topic starts out about "false alarms" to the coastguard (from people who assume that a kayaker a mile offshore must be in trouble) it goes on to discuss kayak kite sailing.

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Re: Kite Sailing?

Post by seajak »

G'day MoeJoe,

Here's a link to a very complete article on kite sailing by Tom Hotley at ... iling.html


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