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Kayaksailor and Klepper lee boards

Posted: Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:11 pm
by DLee
I tried the Kayaksailor on the AII yesterday with the Klepper lee boards and I think it was a successful combination. I made better speed consistently yesterday than I have before - but that's a big wind factor on my gusty lake - and I am 95% sure there was considerably less side slipping with the bigger boards.
I put the lee board as far forward as the clamps would allow to keep them closer to the center of effort.

I also took the jib sheets out of the blocks on the KS lee bar and ran them through the eye bolts on the Klepper lee board cross beam. I think this made a very big difference in performance as it allowed the jib to really catch some wind and more importantly create a nice continuous flow of air on the backside of the main sail. I often feel the 'factory' position of the sheets doesn't allow the jib to bellow out enough. In the factory position, if the main is let out at all, it seems the jib is constantly blowing the flow into the back into the main. There is a term for this...

One thing I hadn't thought of when I moved the jib sheets out was that I didn't have a place to tie them off. After continuously holding these lines became tiresome I came upon the idea to tuck the knot under the coaming. This worked great, especially since I have a piece of line connecting the two jib sheets together (I made this extension a while back because I was having trouble reaching the individual lines from my sitting position - the added line was simply an extension that connected the two jib sheets together into a continuous loop. This way I could easily control both jib lines without having to climb forward each time the jib needed adjustment). The extension line beyond the knot could actually be used to slide the knot further back under the coaming, to trim the sail tighter - or sliding the knot forward under the coaming to give it more air. A clamshell connected to the coaming would obviously work better... but this system did work quite well.

All in all I think sailing the Kayaksailor was very successful with the Klepper lee boards. Has anyone else tried this combo on the AII?


Re: Kayaksailor and Klepper lee boards

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 8:21 am
by Alex
Hi David,

I've been meaning to try that combination myself. Full of questions. Did it improve upwind performance? Did you remove the kayaksailor lea boards or use both sets? Are you still working on making your own extra large lea boards?
On another topic, have you tried half moon bay on the Hudson. Went yesterday and was great. Can launch and park just north of the Croton yacht club


Re: Kayaksailor and Klepper lee boards

Posted: Fri Jun 21, 2013 10:07 pm
by DLee
Hey Alex, I've been thinking about you guys. Want to get together for another sail? Two boats this time? I'd be game for the Hudson but have really been wanting to hit the sound around Norwalk Islands. Let me know. I think I know the bay you mean. Is it the one just north of Croton Point Park? By the train station?

I do think the upwind performance was better and I did not use the KS lee boards at all - I'm sure I removed them. I mounted the Klepper cross bar as far forward as possible. The KS sits high on the AII and your MKII, where the KS leeboards should be long enough for a lower mounting I don't think we're getting enough board in the water. I think the Klepper boards easily double the area of the KS boards below the surface. But it's so easy to use the KS rig as is, I've only tried the Klepper boards once.

Do you have a Klepper S4 rig?

I did make one. It's about the same width as the KS board but probably 12-18 inches longer. Unfortunately I made it out of 3/8"~1/2" marine ply and it's just wimpy. Bends like crazy but I have so much epoxy on it there's a chance it won't break. Ha. One of these days I'll try it out on the lake... my expectations aren't too high though.

Are you around this summer? or heading west again?