How to rig and sail my A2

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How to rig and sail my A2

Post by martin2007 »

I'm getting my recently-purchased 70's/80's? era Klepper A2 ready for the water. I have a complete Klepper sail rig ready to mount, but really haven't a clue what goes where. I've never sailed except with "Windpaddles" on canoes and kayaks downwind. I've searched around on this site, done Google and Youtube searches, but can't find a good diagram of what goes where on the Klepper. Any suggestions as to resources? Better yet, is there a Folding-boat sailor who lives down in southwestern Ontario who would be up for a Paddling/sailing outing in a local reservoir or elsewhere? I'd much rather learn the rigging and basic techniques on the water with another boater than from a diagram and instructions manual.

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Re: How to rig and sail my A2

Post by thalweg »

I am on the St. Clair River across from Sombra (about 30 Km south of Sarnia) is this close to you? I have some old Klepper diagrams of rigging I will try to find and scan for you.
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Re: How to rig and sail my A2

Post by martin2007 »

That would be great! And 30 km. south of Sarnia isn't very far. Do you ever paddle the river near Sombra and down into Lake St. Clair? Oddly enough, as near as I am, I've never boated on Lake St. Clair, but would be open to having a paddle down that way.
My wife and I just got in from our A2's inaugural paddle on Fanshawe Lake, a reservoir on the Thames. A nice paddle, i.e., no surprises.

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Re: How to rig and sail my A2

Post by DLee »

Hi Martin, see if this link works,click on 'download' and another page will open with an instruction booklet, it's all in German but the two illustrations will give you a pretty clear idea of what to do. ... esend.html

There's also a lot of good info here in the sailing column. I'd suggest starting with the jib alone to get the feel of the boat sailing, then move to the main solo and when you are comfortable with that put them all together for some real excitement.

Square flotation cushions, type IV PFDs, in the bottom of the boat will allow you to get up on your knees to counter lean a little better. Don't worry about the sailing board yet, just hold the main sheet by hand so you can let it fly quickly. You can use the lee board rig for the jib sheets.

If you should flip over try not to fall into the sail. I broke my boom this way and apparently it's a common occurrence.

I might suggest practicing re-entry of the boat if you haven't already done so. During a capsize with the sail rig the boat will usually go turtle up. Remember to release the main and jib sheets before rolling her back over. This will reduce stress on the rig. Have a pump and some good bailing scoops ready to go... just in case. I used a cut plastic jug for a long time and a canvas bucket is very good for this purpose and many others.

Many people suggest placing a large water jug, like 5 gallons, just ahead of the mast for ballast. Probably a good idea although I haven't tried it yet. Also flotation bags forward and rear will help keep the volume of water down if you capsize.

The S4 rig is a lot of sail for the AII but it's a lot of fun and pretty easy to get the hang of.
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