KS on Big Kahuna

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KS on Big Kahuna

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Here is an inexpensive way to mount the KS on the Kahuna. I used this in 15 mph winds today, thrilled with the results and my experience so far. It looks good too! Two additional lines from the Genoa and two more from the orange para cord are stowed in a neoprene / CD player deck case. The lines are fed through the bottom and out the top. I coil the lines when not needed. Total of 7 lines.

I used two 6" pieces of large diameter swimming noodles with PVC inside mounted to my deck lines with Velcro straps. I center those directly under the cross tubes running parallel with the deck lines.

I first tie the front of the KS to the kayak for proper placement. It needs to go about midway inside the front strap to clear the cockpit when opened.

I used para cord to center the KS on the rear, mounted to the loops on the skin, then forward and around
the cross tubes and forward to the next set of loops. I used the KS provided hull strap for addition support, much needed in the 15 mph winds I had today. The front of the KS is mounted just inside the bow strap, which gives just enough room to clear the cockpit coaming when it is opened and just enough for me to still reach the goal posts.

This is a very solid mount. It takes about 10 minutes to install. Very pleased with how it works. Cost was under $30 for the parts. Had I known what was needed it would have been even less. It took one trip to the lake, three trips to some stores to find the items I needed and five hours playing with various items to get this set up.

The second trip to the lake was much better and one final trip to the hardware store completed my setup.

It works great!

Walmart has already changed over to Fall items and no longer carry the swimming noodles.
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Re: KS on Big Kahuna

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Looks good,simple and it works. Put details, if you havn,t already, on the Kayaksailor web site, Patti and David will be interested, as well as everone else. There,s now many different ways to mount this sail that owners have come up with that make it interesting and unique.

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