Sailing the S4 rig

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Sailing the S4 rig

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I attended the Wooden Canoe Heritage Assoc.'s annual assembly this past week with my son. Four days up in the Adirondack's at Paul Smith's College right on the shore of a beautiful Adirondack lake that connects to the St. Regis chain. The short of the story is that the car was packed so full I couldn't fit the Kayaksailor in. But the Klepper S4 rig rode nicely in it's bag atop the luggage rack.

This and that and the other thing kept me from getting out for a sail until Saturday afternoon when the stars aligned and the wind finally kicked up again. I was able to get a solid hour-and-a-half of sailing in (along with ten other sailing canoes). The first 15 minutes where a little hairy as I had a couple rigging snaffoos and I hadn't sailed the full rig in so long I was a little stiff on all of it. But before long I was making good speed, feeling comfortable in the lean, and no doubt grinning ear to ear.

There is something magic about this full rig. Lines and rigging all over the place, the jib and the main billowing out, the boat in a steady lean and the lee boards slicing water with a fury. 6 knots at least, maybe 8-9+. I was able to come about nicely on all the turns by leaving the jib set to the opposing wind. Fortuna blew steady until fifteen minutes before I was to meet Billy for dinner - I sailed then coasted gently back to the beach.

It was only for an hour-and-a-half, but it was perfect.

There are a lot of used S4 rigs out there if you don't have one yet. Sitting at the back of the AII cockpit the boom will just miss the tip of your nose when coming about. It's wind in the rigging and really worth a try (even with outriggers I suspect). Give it a go!

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