Which sails for Klepper Aerius II :?

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Which sails for Klepper Aerius II :?

Post by spartacus88 »

Hi there

I am hoping for some advice on what sail set to purchase for a Klepper Aerius II.

I've read and read many older posts on the different sails systems available, however there is not so much recently and was wondering if there are new thoughts on the optimal sail system for both functionality and price.

I intend to sail two up off the coast of Angola. So far we have used and ancient Pouch sail set, but the old mast is going to snap at some point under the heavier winds. I also find the leeboards get in the way (Pouch again) if you need to paddle for the person sat in the front. So I am not sure to invest in the Klepper new sails, go with Kayaksailor and if so what combination best suits this size of boat?

Any thoughts appreciated.

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Re: Which sails for Klepper Aerius II :?

Post by gbellware »


Just as with the question "which kayak for me" there are so many factors to consider. For high performance sailing the Balogh sail systems are right up there, although the Klepper sails can also perform even in light winds. They are best for pure sailing, as they are difficult to rig underway and, unless you are willing to risk getting wet, should be used with outriggers. For versatility and good performance the Kayaksailor can't be beat. For the A2 I would go with the 1.6 m2, which can always be reefed. You won't need outriggers and you can deploy/stow while underway. It can also be sailed 2-up with no drama, which can't be said for the sails with longer booms. Good luck, the search is half the fun.

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Re: Which sails for Klepper Aerius II :?

Post by FrankP »

I too own a Kayaksailor 1.6 M + Genoa for my Long Haul MK2 (nearly the same as the A2). We love the sailing in all kinds of wind. We did buy a pair of Hobie Sidekick Amas for those days when the wind is up in the 15-20 MPH range. It was mostly for my wife because I have never felt the kayak was going to let us down and make us swim. My recommendation if you buy the KS 1.6M sail, spend the extra for the Genoa. My wife told me something last weekend that I was not aware of being in the rear seat: the bow often is dipping underwater when we are going 7MPH with both sails trimmed and the waves are about 1-2 ft. We have gotten sail assist in light wind but I paddle and we can keep a fairly good speed. I have thought about a Balogh sail to add to our boat but the price and the mast being 11 ft high and difficult to raise and lower while underway holds me back. I may pull the trigger next year and go for the KS up front and the Balogh in the middle. The reality is a sailboat really can't raise or lower it's mast easily to get past an obstruction like a low bridge so you stay off lakes with that problem and you're fine with a tall mast. Having both would be neat but expensive.

I do like the fact you can raise or lower the sail and you can reef it while underway. I use the Klepper America mount ($110) and it's easy to rig up the first time. After that the entire rig remains attached and fits inside the carry bag. The Hobie Sidekick center bar also fits as it too is mounted on the mount.

You mentioned paddling. The front person is pretty busy with the sail & Genoa for paddling and it is a close fit with the boom when mounted on the Klepper America mount. The leeboard control arms are a little in the way but you can change the angle so they are in the bottom position and more out of the way. My wife has a high angle stroke so even in the regular top position they don't seem to bother her.

Good luck and most of all have fun. Let us know what you end up with. One little thing as a warning: Once you sail a kayak it's hard to just paddle one with no sail at all.

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Re: Which sails for Klepper Aerius II :?

Post by john allsop »

It,s very difficult to say which is the best sail to buy, it,s like which boat is for me. Unless someone has tried all the sails available they can,t really say which is the best. On the Klepper aerius 2 I have used the Klepper sails both the S1 and S2/4 they work well but outriggers are needed, (in my opinion). I have used a Lateen sail, again outriggers are needed. Also the largest Pacific Action, the Klepper Freewind, and Kayaksailor with and without the jib. (1.6 on the Klepper, 1.4 on a Folbot Yukon). There are of course more sails on the market so some research is needed. Now for setting up. The Klepper S1, S2 take the most time and really try to turn the boat into a sail boat (see careen.nl). The Kayaksailor need the purchase of a mount from Klepper America (with the sail) or make your own, it is possible to tangle the shrouds if you don,t watch what you are doing, but it is A VERY GOOD SAIL. Pacific Action you will have to make a mount, and if you want to go "up wind" a leeboard is needed, the sail is pulled up by bungee cord and can be pulled down very easily, there are lines to the masts i use one to each mast and they must be loosly fastened so they don,t go with the sail, but when the sail is pulled down the masts can get in the way of paddling, it should be possible the wrap the sail round the mast and have it vertical ( something i havn,t tried) so it is out of the way of paddling. the Klepper Freewind, they say use half of your paddle for a mast. And the Lateen sail, this is probably the easiest to rig, it need outriggers, lee boards and it tries to turn the Aerius 2 into a sail boat. So almost what you buy will work but for the convenience of paddling the Pacific Action or the Kayaksailor (which also sails upwind better) are both good buys. I find for paddling with a sail a good single blade paddle is best, then there is no paddle blade in the air which can get in the way of the main sail, i can use half of my take apart but i find a good canoe paddle is best. The front paddler will probably always have problems and a canoe paddle will work really well in this position, plus a single blade paddle keeps most of the water outside the boat, we should all try one.


Re: Which sails for Klepper Aerius II :?

Post by spartacus88 »

Thank you for all the detailed responses. I decided to purchase the klepper sails partly because i got a good deal and in part because i wanted it to be as close to sailing for my daughters to learn also.

At the moment I am in Angola so getting wet is not too much of a problem...famous last words.

Thanks again.

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Re: Which sails for Klepper Aerius II :?

Post by DLee »

You can always add the Kayaksailor later on, the Klepper rig is one of true adventure. I applaud you choice.

I did want to mention the Flat Earth Sails from Mick in Australia are worth taking a look at as well.. It's a neat and simple design. The simplicity especially is really enticing.

There was a serious homemade AII Expediton boat for sale on both this forum and ebay last May that had a sail rig the size of the Klepper S4 with a raising system that blended the Flat Earth and KS ideas together.

The fairly stout mast - just like the Klepper aluminum was mounted to the deck with a hinge so you could lower the mast onto the front deck. Of course the standard mast would be too long to do this so the upper mast was raised in a similar manner to the KS rig once the lower mast was locked in the upward position (I'm assuming). Really a fairly brilliant idea. The entire boat was fascinating actually - the guy took two boat frames and put the second set of ribs in between the originals making a really strong hull (just one aspect that I remember) - lots of other vary uniques stuff as well, including a tent canopy for the cockpit and a reclining chair for comfort sailing. Unfortunately the pictures are no longer available on ebay and I couldn't find the listing here.

The sail rig was very unique though in that it allowed a big sail like the Klepper to be rigged and deployed out on the water much easier than the current Klepper design.

I also want to second John's idea of the canoe paddle. I'm using mine more and more.

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