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Anniversary sail with the BSD sail

Posted: Mon May 19, 2014 11:22 pm
by FrankP
Yesterday my wife and I took our Long Haul MK2 with our new BSD 36 HP Sport & Kayaksailor our for the first time this year. It was our 40th anniversary so we got out there and had a blast. I feel the two sails work well together. I did get one mast hoop upside down so when I took the second reef out there was a wrinkle in the sail. I guess if it was not there it would have been smoother and more efficient. Is there any advise on adjusting the batons? They were hard to get to bend over on the other side of a tack and always required shaking the Wingbone or tapping them with my paddle. Advise please!

We did go much faster than we ever did with just the KS. I bought a trailer and put it together Saturday. A Trailex SUT 350 S. Nice trailer but lousy directions you have to print from their website. Several things are out of order so you have to undo what you did several steps before to finish that step. The packing was excellent and more than enough parts were included. (I hope that's a positive). "Gee I wonder what these extra nuts & bolts are for honey". All in all it took longer than it should of but that could be my fault to. The trailer rode smoothly and had no problem on the road. Having the MK2 on the trailer every day will save us a lot of time and we will have more time for what we really enjoy. Sailing! I love building the Mark 2 but when you add the BSD & the KS I guess I'd rather sail than build every time.

Whats up with no clam cleat for the main sail sheet. Mine came with a cleat for the down haul & one for the halyard. I also didn't see any lines on the amas like I've seen in pictures & videos.

Re: Anniversary sail with the BSD sail

Posted: Wed May 21, 2014 8:46 pm
by DLee
Congrats Frank! When do we get to see a pic of the fine couple?

Frank I imagine the lines to the Amas are custom additions.

Do the Doi Nomazi's use the Ama lines?