Aka Ama sizes

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Aka Ama sizes

Post by DLee »

Hey Frank, what's the size comparison between the Hobie and the BOSS system akas? Will the BOSS ama fit the Hobie aka?

Kinda quiet here guys... what up?

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Re: Aka Ama sizes

Post by FrankP »

I doubt it but ask David for sure. The aka attachments are much different ffor the BOSS & the akas are bigger. I think the alas are 2 + feet longer. The amas are bigger around too. The Sidekicks seem to bob up and down from end to end in waves so I'm not sure how much stability they provide in bigger waves. I do think even though the akas are shorter they would help but the BOSS akas being much longer along with much greater floatation would give you a better chance of staying upright in heavier wind.

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