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Re: Paddling with the S2 on a Longhaul Commando

Posted: Fri Jan 26, 2018 12:38 am
by DLee
True John. But Treecutter hasn't been complaining...

I look forward to seeing the new rudder design Greg. I hope it went well today.

So I see you added a BSD rig to your inventory. Is this a schooner rig you've got going on there? Would love to see some pics. Where you able to do your annual sail this year or did Irene get in the way?

Tim are you sailing the BSD on your A1?

All's well here Greg. If you're sailing I'm assuming it's the same for you?


Re: Paddling with the S2 on a Longhaul Commando

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 10:55 am
by john allsop
Of course he wasn,t complaing all the info you provided was and is excellent, I am at last planning to get a folder out this year. When the weather improves I plan on building a long Kayak shed for my narrow back yard, it should be about 24 feet long x 5 feet wide and 6 foot 6 inches high which will not require planning permission, so I was told at the town hall. This winter has been one gale after another with lots of very heavy showers. One good thing about folders they are folded in the smallish shed, but the Hobie and Triak have had to put up with the elements.

Re: Paddling with the S2 on a Longhaul Commando

Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2018 2:35 pm
by RangerTim
I sailed the A1 with BSD at the Sails Angels gathering at Cedar Island, NC in October 2017. Greg was there with Pre-BSD rig.

The boat and rig did fine, even with the smaller diameter mast. I do not usually use the A1 because of its high weight. I sail a Folbot Yukon instead. I had broken the crosstube on the Yukon BSD rig, hence the A1 at Cedar Island.

I managed to install the new crosstube while at the Flamingo Flotilla last week. A little dicey drilling to match the aka pin holes and the washboard clamp holes from the previous crosstube, but it all worked out.

I'll let Greg share his BSD sailing experiences at the Flotilla if he wants to. I'll just say that I believe he enjoyed himself, as did I. Folders at the Flotilla: 4 Kleppers, one with a Longhaul skin, 6 Folbots, and 1 Pakboat.