Packable/inflatable sailing boats

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Packable/inflatable sailing boats

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There may be already a post like this so, if you know of any, you can link it.
Apart from sailing a packable kajak, there were also packable sailing boats produced by MTW in the GDR:
delphin 110
delphin 140
delphin 150

Those are no longer produced, but still available on ebay (german ebay) for 100-800 Euro depending on condition.
They also produced the MTW - Scalare 250 (a catamaran) for a short time, though the term packable is a little stretched there.
A modern aproach would be the Nautiraid Coracle.

More modern aproaches are often inflatables:
Tiwal 3.2
Smartcat, Happycat
and a lot of other brands of inflatable catamarans

I personally own a Kayacat and wrote a review in another post.

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Re: Packable/inflatable sailing boats

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Your Kayacat looks very intesting and I would like to be able to stretch the finances to get one. But I already have three folders, one Hobie Tandem Island (which is very heavy) and a Triak. Plus various sail kits.

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