Wing Foil

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john allsop
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Wing Foil

Post by john allsop »

Has any body seen the wing foil. A new way for kite boarding and very fast. They are a hand held inflated wing. I wonder if they can be used safely with a kayak.

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Re: Wing Foil

Post by kdwalmsley »

Just from watching videos, it would seem the nose or apex point of the wing would often need to be held a meter above the surface of the water. That would require me to control the boom with both my arms raised straight above my head for a considerable amount of the time I would be sailing. That does not sound very fun, but it is important to note I have no wing experience and am only guessing. Perhaps some sort of stub mast could be rigged with the boom pivoting on top of it.


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Re: Wing Foil

Post by JohnSand »

It does look interesting.

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