Reefed S4 leaves gaff suspended...?

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Reefed S4 leaves gaff suspended...?

Post by DLee »

Hi everyone, you all getting ready for the Carolina's sail thing? Is that still happening? I would love to join you down there one of these days.

I'm still puttering around my lake and hoping to get to out LI Sound again soon. Playing in the yard yesterday I reefed my main all the way up and the gaff spar hangs a bit away from the mast. I used to have a ring which I pulled down the mast and over the gaff line to pull it tight against the mast but it got to be too many lines. So I have discarded that option.


Reefing to this point is rather unlikely but it might happen, do you guys foresee and problems with the gaff being so distant from the boom? I am thinking of taking this rig to the sound and may strike the jib and just sail with this if it begins to get breezy. I suspect it will be merely inefficient but thought I'd touch base with the gang here for any insights.

Hope all are well. Cheers guys.

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john allsop
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Re: Reefed S4 leaves gaff suspended...?

Post by john allsop »

Well Dennis, as there have been plenty of views and no comments I suppose no one knows. So it,s a case of try it and see, on your local lake.

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Re: Reefed S4 leaves gaff suspended...?

Post by Yakadoodle »

I wonder if you perhaps put a weight at the base of the Gaff if that would help gravity bring it down?
A bowling ball maybe? :lol:

How is the ring-thing around the mast, (Iforgot the name), is that clean and smooth so there is nothing causing it to bind?
"Yakadoodle" ...I had to come up with some name since Steve already stole my name! :lol:

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