hypalon vs EPDM

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hypalon vs EPDM

Post by stretch »

does anyone know how hypalon differs from epdm? Just curious, Ralph Diaz talks about using Epdm for repairs in his book "folding Kayaker". Thanks, Stretch


Re: hypalon vs EPDM

Post by Alm »

Hypalon used in kayak hulls is a sandwich - quite a strong fabric laminated with synthetic rubber on both surfaces. This fabric eventually determines the strength (but not abrasion resistance) of the whole sandwich. It's not clear, but doubtful that any of EPDM commercial forms come with a decent quality fabric layer. For repairs, - why not... You can even use the $1 scotch tape for short-term repairs, - no kidding, it adheres to wet surfaces better than duct tape.

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