dry bag style fastening for sea tour 17R

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dry bag style fastening for sea tour 17R

Post by misterphil »

A couple of years ago I build a sea tour 17 R, I now need to reskin it after a little too much rock gardening and a damaged zip...

I want to do a dry bag style closure like this: http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/5626 ... ?start=132

However, I don't see how to do the join from closure to coaming (I was hoping to use the roll down coaming that Tom uses for the sonnets)

Has anyone tried to velcro this all shut? Any other ideas welcome



Re: dry bag style fastening for sea tour 17R

Post by jpmille1 »

Hello misterphil,

I am working on this right now. I did the coaming as a separable piece of tubing (splits long-ways) and covered it in its own sheet of fabric. I have the fabric split to match the split in the tubing, and that split is glued on either side of the roll top, so parts of it roll into the fold. I haven't gotten to the bit that is in the transition from the roll to the coaming, that will partially end up under the spray skirt. I was planning on doing that with a velcro flap, but we'll see.

I have photos up, but I haven't posted any of the attached coaming yet (I am working on the straps to hold the top closed at the moment)

http://www.flickr.com/photos/singengine ... 701226053/



Re: dry bag style fastening for sea tour 17R

Post by SeanRichens »

Well, I guess I have to stop lurking now.

The transition to the coaming is the tough part. My coaming is permanently attached to the skin, so the transition piece has to keep the coaming together. I think this is even more important than keeping water out.

I only got around to making these pieces this spring. I looked at the pictures I took of this step and they don't really help much. I'll try to add them to the webshots page anyway in case you do get something out of them. And I'm finally getting some pool time this afternoon so I'll have a better idea of how well they perform.


Re: dry bag style fastening for sea tour 17R

Post by SeanRichens »

OK, pics are up:
http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/5626 ... ?start=140

If you find that you can easily pull your coaming apart, make your patches so that the velcro runs abeam, not lengthwise. This makes it easier to pull up tight and hold the coaming together.

I've ended up tying a thin cord around the coaming for security anyway, but I still want to feel that I've done things properly.

So your skin is at its end? I tell myself that I don't have to get things perfect this time since my day will come too. I did put a whole load of reinforcing/patching on this spring after getting a close up and personal demonstration of why surf landings aren't trivial.

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