maximizing Sonnet displacement using 16 foot Folbot sponsons

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maximizing Sonnet displacement using 16 foot Folbot sponsons

Post by saleroso »

I am working towards building a first Sonnet. I am 6 ft and 200 lbs, and like some leg room if I can get it. I understand from TY that Greenland 2 sponsons are now 16 ft long.

It looks to me like a displacement somewhere between the 16 and the 18 would be just about right. The 16 as designed uses one 15 ft and one 13.5 ft sponson. Using two 16 ft sponsons, and the 22.5 in beam, I could get a bit more length and displacement.

Question - Suggestions on the best way to use the two 16 ft Folbot sponsons? Fold over and glue the bottom one to make it 15 ft, or leave it at 16? Any estimates n the displacement I could manage?

Also, to get more leg room, and to have a foredeck that sheds water, I propose using 1/2 in PVC electrical conduit to raise aft part of foredeck, thus raising height of front part of coaming? This would possibly mean making a deck in several pieces rather than just one.

PVC material - it is possible that I can only get lightweight material locally. Has anyone had success laminating two lighter panels to form one thicker one for the bottom?

Comments? Suggestions?


Re: maximizing Sonnet displacement using 16 foot Folbot sponsons

Post by Troy »

I'm starting on a build for one of these as well, and saw last week that the sponson length had changed (and the prices for sponsons are considerably higher... grr).

When I emailed Tom about length changes, he replied:
If the Folbot sponsosn are now 16' vs 15', just add 6 inches to the bow and stern of the skinning frame.

If you want a wider version ( 22.5") of the Sonnet 16, the offsets / instructions provide for that. However, both versions are very stable,especially in wind and wave, and you will feel no less stable in the 21" version. If you are over 200 lbs, than the wider version may be the better option. Boat speed isn't a consideration when deciding which width boat to build.
So I wouldn't bother folding/gluing sponsons.

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