shortening assembly time of Sea Tour (1)

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shortening assembly time of Sea Tour (1)

Post by nikiforos »

Having to screw and unscrew the machine screws and bolts, has always been something i wanted to change in my sea tour. it is time consuming and it has happened once or twice to loose a bolt in the sand. I have a solution for the wooden floor assembly without having to take the screws out, but just loosen them.
I have drilled a hole in the aluminium profile connected to the wooden floor, large enough to pass the machine skrew head connected to the already existing smaller hole(creating the shape of an 8). So i just have to loosen the skrews, pass the head through the large hole and tighten them. I hope the photos help.
In search for a solution for the stem plate skrews too!!
DSC03965.JPG (141.82 KiB) Viewed 240 times
DSC03966.JPG (122.17 KiB) Viewed 240 times
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Re: shortening assembly time of Sea Tour (1)

Post by Yostwerks »

Nikiforos wrote......In search for a solution for the stem plate skrews too!!
Below is a link and pic for tool-less assembly from the manual . Perhaps you missed it.
It greatly speeds up the assembly process and eliminates the need for machine screws / locking nuts.
I've used this system on my last three folders. - Tool-less assembly (Description at bottom of page)

Sonnet assembly is even simpler as there are no stem / stern connections.

Regards, Tom

PS - I've posted your Sea Tour pic and description in the "Gallery". I think it's the 3rd or 4th boat from the front.

clevis pin / key ring assembly

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