using tent poles to make a kayak

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using tent poles to make a kayak

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I know this might sound ridiculous, but I dont have the money available for a folding kayak. At a budget of $350 or so, I want to build one. I don't know where to get annodized aluminum poles that fit together that I would need. I am looking to build a cheap simple one with compact size, but actual efficiency in the water is a secondary concern/.

I thought maybe it would be possible to use tent poles. Rather than the normal 6 poles I see in most designs, I might use 12 or more. these would fit through holes drilled in carved plywood pieces which could be cut with a jig saw to form the frame.

Maybe tent poles are too small? Or the twisting of the whole frame would be bad? Would it work?

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Re: using tent poles to make a kayak

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