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Yet another method to attach floorboards in a Yost kayak

Posted: Mon Sep 06, 2010 1:18 pm
by MrPorcine
The aim here is to reduce loose parts and make assembly go a little quicker.

I've permanently screwed the U-section to the L-bracket, then use a clevis with a spring-loaded ball to attach the whole assembly to the HDPE crossframes. Here are pictures:
I used flat head SS 10-24 screws to attach the U-section to the L-bracket. A 3/8" drill and countersink just barely do the job without breaking out. Note that these L-brackets have SS rivenuts installed. A normal elastic stop nut will work just a well and is less expensive. Before I went to the clevis pins I was using 10-32 screws in each of the 8 places. The rivenuts were an attempt to minimize the loose parts. Actually the 8 SS screws worked pretty well. I found an electric screwdriver at Wal Mart that took 4 normal AA batteries. I just threw the screwdriver in the bag with the boat. I figured that I could find AA batteries anywhere. Still, the clevis pin method eliminates 8 loose pieces, 9 if you count the screwdriver.

It appears that one can only attach 3 pictures per message, I'll continue below.