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deck bag / day pack

Post by acrosome »

In one of the kayaking magazines in the past few months was a gear review section that included a deck bag that doubles as a waterproof daypack. I don't mean the way you can improvise most deck bags into fanny packs- it had real shoulder straps and looked like it was built very tough. It came with two zipper options- one with pretty standard waterproof zippers, or you could buy one with basically drysuit-quality zippers.

Does anyone remember the name of this bag or who manufactures it?



Post by Alm »

But it says that it comes with only one zipper option - "water-stop", i.e. real dry. The pack that has two zipper options, doens't convert into deckbag.

I've made a deckbag out of a "funny pack" or a daypack, it worked 3 seasons, and now making another (could've stiched the first one, but thought it would be easier to make another one). FC didn't have this convertible bag when I made my first one, and this time the reasons not to go for FC deck-pack were as follows:

1) Weight 0.5 lbs VS 1.6 lbs FC.

2) Cost $5 VS $190 FC. I had to buy one in second-hand store, as the most suitable are those without built-in padding - they are lighter and better conform to the deck profile. My regular city pack costs more than $5 and has a padding.

3) Size 11" * 16" VS 11" * 21" FC - longer FC bag is not only blocking the clear view of the bow on my Kahuna, but is also too big to be considered a "personal item" that you can carry in hand when boarding the plane (without any specified weight limit, mind you!) in addition to "carry-on bag" (usually a 40-liter backpack witth the allowed limit of 40 lbs). And on the other hand, this FC bag with 22 liter volume is too small to use the benefits of free "carry-on bag" up to the allowed limits. I also think that my funny pack/deckbag has a lower profile than FC bag, as I've made it tapered in the bottom (towards the bow).

4) This deck bag doesn't have to be waterproof (though I made mine a water-resistant, let's say splash-resistant). It carries waterproof GPS and laminated maps, waterproof headlamp, waterproof camera, fleece vest to put on in nasty weather (it will get wet anyway, the beauty of fleece is that it's warm even when wet), snack in ziplock (energy bar or similar things), rain-jacket and fresh water in the flask. It should not contain sleeping bag or shore clothes, and, generally, should not contain anything that would cause unusual hardship in the event if it's washed away. GPS is costly, but I would survive and finish the trip without it as well.

5) My 40-liter "carry-on" backpack (internal frame was removed - 2 aluminum straps) has real shoulder straps (funny deck-pack has them too, though not as impressive) and belt, and it will serve as a fairly roomy hiking backpack, if I would suddenly need such a backpack on a paddling trip, so there is no need in 22-liter FC convertible bag.


Post by acrosome »

Rats. I remembered the bag from the review but somehow missed, of all things, that is was made by Feathercraft. I was googling like mad when I sould've just gone through my bookmarks.


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