Bag 55" * 8" 8" ? LH Ute?

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Bag 55" * 8" 8" ? LH Ute?

Post by Alm »

I'm trying to find something lighter and narrower than Longhaul Longren Bag (55" * 12 " * 10") for use with Balogh rig and FC Kahuna. LH bag is fine, - only I don't need it that wide (and bulky when stowed). There is Folbot GII bag (55*10*10), I haven't seen it, my guess it's about 1 lb lighter than LH's, and I hate the fabric on Folbot bags. Balogh sailrig bag is a bit narrow to add other items, and it is end-loaded, without a full-length zipper. From Mark Balogh I haven't heard for about 3 weeks, btw (asked for some parts).

What bag is on LH Ute - same as in MK1? (Mike?)

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Post by mje »

I think the Ute bag is shorter, but it's been a while since I had the loaner. Mark Ekhart will pretty much make you any size bag you want, of course; he made a custom bag for me years ago for an inflatable I had. I have my Balogh sail kit stored in a prototype Long Haul bag I got in one of LH's sales.
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