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Thanks. "Bubbly emergency mats" and vests of similar 3-4mm material I've seen, and never thought of them much, but looks like you've found their real purpose here. 9mm foam cozy can be carried on the pot, no problem. It will be bulky, but then I can take only 1 propane cartridge in a 7-10 day trip, rather than 2 cartridges, so this makes sense. Foam cozy will conserve fresh water as well - a lot of it is lost with vapour when simmering, so this is an extra benefit.

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Update on containers for carrying MH.
I bought the Alcohol from the local hardware store in 1L PET bottles.
We ended up carrying them on our trip instead of either MSR or Sigg bottles. I rationalized that the child proof caps wouldn't come undone and the PET material is reasonably durable (durable enough for the saftey authorities :roll: )
It worked well and having clear plastic to look through made it easy to measure consumption.

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