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Re: What camera was that?

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kayakamper wrote:waterproof case. Nice case, but you need to use the view finder in bright light and the case obscures the finder by about 40%. pretty frustrating. It also feels like holding onto a conch shell as it is bulky. Otherwise, the camera and case has worked well over the years, in spite of the limitations.

The search goes on for the perfect, handy, pocket sized waterproof P&S camers for kayaking.
I've realized that vast majority of my shots didn't require any waterproof camera, as they were made ashore or from a kayak on calm water without any rain. Very few of them required weatherproof camera either (but with occasional rain, sand, humidity, salt water drops etc it's better to have it weatherproof). if you're not doing underwater shots, you might just use a small Pelicase in place of a bulky waterproof case. Takes seconds to get it out of the case or put it back in.

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