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Author:  paraglia [ Fri Apr 08, 2016 12:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gumotex SeaWave

I'm sure inflatable aren't as fun to paddle as other kayaks, besides the Aironaut I'm sure. I almost bought one from MEC at the old price, but someone else bought it before I made up my mind.

What made me decide on the Seawave are its good reviews from a number of sources.
Today I took it out of the box and put it together in my living room. My first impression of the box was its weight, the thing was heavy. Then I realized it contained two decks, three seats, tow footrests, backpack, some other stuff and the box itself was heavy.
Assembly was straight forward. I barely looked at the owner's manual (which isn't very good anyway). I did the single seat open boat version - easy and quick. But I did notice it takes a bit longer to inflate than the Solar, and quite a bit longer than the Helios. Then I deflated the sides and installed the four metal struts. Here I did have to look at the manual to place the struts in the right position. It's really very straight forward. Then it was time to put the deck on. Having learned from my Framura experience last year, I lubed the cockpit coaming stiffener with a silicone spray (some spray was also injected in the pocket when the stiffener is inserted. That was easy. To install the deck I watched a Gumotex video.
I was curious about the Seawave's weight. Using my bathroom scale I weighted the folded boat in the single configuration with no deck or struts: 35lbs The single deck c/w the four struts is 6lbs. That's a total of 41lbs for the decked kayak in the single configuration. It's no featherweight, but possibly still manageable to carry the empty boat on the shoulder.
I took some photos and they can be seen here: ... 6747945142

Author:  Kalif [ Tue Jun 07, 2016 2:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gumotex SeaWave

Hi Guys,

I couldn't pass up the sale they had at Boatpark and got a Seawave with a double deck again. Now, my green Solar is for sale.

Seawave is by all means a great boat, but I just can't get the deck to work for us, so it is mostly paddled without one. The best thing, compared to Solar and others is the low speed glide. You can go longer on one stroke and overall is more efficient. The top speed is probably about the same though.

@Ktototam: You asked about the alternatives for the seats. What I found works for me is cheap stadium closed-cell foam pads (about $3 at Walmart, in red color to match the boat) which I put under the inflatable seat. It raises you a bit and makes it more comfy. Actually, I'd like to get something more substantial and higher, so I can try single-blade canoe paddles as I've always preferred canoe stroke anyway.
I think that SeaEagle has some good seats too, worth looking into.

When I last talked to the Boatpark rep, he mentioned that the rudder setup will be available for Seawave soon. I never really felt the need for it. It handles and turns fine as it is.

Looks like there are already a few Seawaves on the left coast now.

Author:  paraglia [ Tue Jun 07, 2016 3:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gumotex SeaWave

Thanks for letting us know about the rudder. I wonder if it's really needed though. I've added the rudder to my Helios 1 and there's a big improvement in tracking (it's set fixed with no stirrups), but the Seawave is different and tracks quite well without one, at least in fairly calm conditions. It migh help in following seas though. Will be interesting to read reviews from others of the new Seawave rudder.
I bought my Seawave with decks as well. But the deck is awkward to install and there's also a lot of added weight once the deck and struts are on. So far, I've been surprised to see there's little water coming in with no deck (paddlesheep never uses the deck I think).

Author:  ChrisvonS [ Wed Jun 08, 2016 3:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gumotex SeaWave

I bought a solo deck with my Seawave with the whole package from Boatpark, but only used it once just to try it out. It’s for sale on if anyone wants it. Great to have the option - it’s one I thought about for my old Sunny, using similar velcro strips, but never got round to it. I find the stiffer Seawave bends less with the swell and ships less, or maybe I just avoid those sorts of conditions where possible.
On white water I’m sure it would been handy, especially in chillier locales, but a SW seems a bit long for that sort of paddling.

Interesting to hear about the Gumotex rudder option. After a recent paddle in Mull and Iona with a mate in a K40 Incept (similar IK, with rudder) the penny finally dropped on their usefulness before winds get too strong for an IK. Tracking I find the SW does fine with a skeg but a rudder enables you to counteract a sidewind’s deflection and keep paddling with both arms, not trailing one to constantly correct the course, as I’ve been doing for years (except when I had a K40).
We decided the Incept was 5-10 mins faster over an hour because the rudder help in maintaining continuous two-arm power.

The way I see it, along sea coasts and especially alone, speed and efficiency are important but mostly I do calm solo day trips so a rudder is not needed. But on a multi-day paddle winds will come and go.
As an experiment I just bought a Chinese SoT cheapie off ebay for 20 quid and am halfway through fitting it. A proper sea kayak in the UK costs 5-10 x the price. We’ll see how it goes. If nothing else if may help with sailing. On the Mull trip with backwinds most of the way, that could have been fun, but the whole idea will be reversible and cheap enough to ditch. My ‘drainpipe’ footrest as well as the locating tabs for the deck bars, all simplify the fitting.
Will be interesting to see how the Gumotex fitting works and what it all costs.

Author:  paddlesheep [ Wed Jun 15, 2016 1:01 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gumotex SeaWave

I've used the deck (I just got the solo deck) exactly once. I've discovered that I just really really like the convenience of an open boat.

Interesting that they're doing a rudder for the Seawave. In my opinion it's not necessary. I've never had an issue with tracking and I've been through some nasty conditions.

Took the Seawave through some tidal rapids in one of the island passages here last week. Worst conditions I've ever been in, and the highest waves. The Seawave handled it like a champ and only one wave broke over the side.

Author:  chrstjrn [ Fri Jun 17, 2016 1:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gumotex SeaWave

paddlesheep wrote:
I've used the deck (I just got the solo deck) exactly once. I've discovered that I just really really like the convenience of an open boat.

I discovered the same thing with my Puffin 2.

Author:  ChrisvonS [ Sun Jun 26, 2016 6:23 am ]
Post subject:  MYO Seawave rudder

I found some pics of the 2016 Seawave rudder kit online. Places in France are selling it for €220.
I reckon you could fit it it earlier models.


I got some ideas off the Gumotex kit midway through making my own for a lot less, and with what I considered some better features.
It's not really needed in calm conditions but took it out in about as much wind as i'd care to paddle into yesterday and it works great: the feet are the handlebars letting the arms be the engine. More on the website.



Author:  dschin [ Mon Aug 22, 2016 1:16 am ]
Post subject:  Gumotex SeaWave seaworthy?

I wanna do a longer coastal trip round corfu/greece, transfer with the ferry to the ionic island to do some islandhoping.

after taking all in account the seawave might be the boat for such a trip.

on the other hand I have my workingboat T9.

searching the net I didn't find any reports of the seawave doing longer trips.
does someone know some reports?

is this inflatible fit for coastal trips?
enough room under deck( I dislike deckload exept safty equipment) gear, food and 20-30 l water?

br from vienna/austria


Author:  Guys [ Sun Sep 25, 2016 11:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gumotex SeaWave

I think there a few trip reports for longer expeditions.

Here is one for the Seawave and Helios around Corsica (In French, you may need google translate) ... p?id=29669

Here is another island hopping adventure (I think by the same author) in Croatia with a Seawave:

Hope this helps.

Author:  denq [ Sun Nov 06, 2016 4:09 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gumotex SeaWave

Hello, this year, we travel on the west coast of Sardinia, 650 km, 25 days with a Seawave:

Author:  siravingmon [ Mon Nov 07, 2016 9:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gumotex SeaWave

Truly impressive. In all my visits to Sardinia in the summer I never saw anything but rough water around Carloforte. How did that south west part of the trip go for you?

Author:  BikeHikePaddle [ Thu Nov 10, 2016 9:57 am ]
Post subject:  boatpark sales

Hello. I'm new to the forum and have found it very helpful in evaluating the Seawave IK after spending hours on ChrisvonS's fantastic site and some of the other trip reports and videos. Rather than jump right in and purchase, I'm wondering if anyone could give me an idea of how much boatpark reduces their normal prices during their sales. Right now the Seawave is listed at 23,990 czk. Also, at what time of year do they usually run their sales?

Thank you

Author:  Guys [ Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gumotex SeaWave


I bought my seawave in November 2014 for 19790 CZK (including VAT) and this was on sale. I think this sale was just before the new model came out.

I did not bother with the deck and have never missed it.


Author:  tve [ Thu Dec 07, 2017 12:52 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Gumotex SeaWave

I just got a seawave and am excited :-). has a deal where you get 10% off your first purchase after giving them your email address, so that made it $900 with free shipping too. I added the rudder kit for good measure...

What I'm not excited about are the seats... Does anyone have any recommendation for what to use instead that has a higher back rest?

Author:  tve [ Fri Dec 29, 2017 3:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Gumotex SeaWave

The first trips with my new Seawave have been quite nice. It tracks well with the skeg and the seats are less horrible than expected, although I still want to find better. I tried the rudder for the first time yesterday and I found it not very satisfying. It works, but... The pedal board swivels, which causes steering, so after adjusting everything it gets out of adjustment as soon as I press one foot forward and the board swivels. I also haven't made friends with the raising/lowering cord, it's not clear to me at all how it's supposed to be mounted in the cockpit. I'm wondering whether anyone else has a good set-up for this and could post some pics.

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