Ordering a custom inflatable kayak from China

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Ordering a custom inflatable kayak from China

Post by HavenFinder »

This is quite a detailed and informative article by a gentleman in the Netherlands who sourced out a higher-end, custom inflatable kayak from China. He figured out who Sea Eagle's manufacturer was (a Korean company called Zebec) and then did some detective work and found a Chinese factory where the boats are apparently made - he was able to order a drop-stitch kayak directly, to his specifications, at a considerable savings.

A very well-written, fascinating story with lots of photos, technical information, and enough detail for someone else to do the same thing. Even if you're not into PVC boats, worth the read...

http://boathouse.johnhoogstrate.nl/kaya ... rom_china/


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Re: Ordering a custom inflatable kayak from China

Post by scotjack »

Glad you posted this as I had also read it and found it to be very interesting.
The savings were so significant that I think I will probably try it too.
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Re: Ordering a custom inflatable kayak from China

Post by zzffnn »

I read somewhere in this forum that the seller may not sell to individuals anymore, but I am not positive (I could remember it wrong).

Please do report back, if you do try it. Thank you.

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