Neris Smart Series Kayaks

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Neris Smart Series Kayaks

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I have spent time in the Neris factory watching them build these very interesting kayaks. I also have paddled the double Smart Two and bought a Smart Three. The first thing that you can't help but notice is how easy and fast they are to assemble. I watched a family, who had virtually no experience with kayaks, assemble a Smart Three in ten minutes. All four piled into the boat and took out across the lake like ducks. It was that intuitive and easy.

If you are looking for a boat that you can keep in your trunk and throw it together with very little effort and time to take advantage of an inviting piece of water then this fits the bill. I own Feathercraft, Long Haul, Klepper and ORU folding kayaks and this is by far the easiest of the lot to put together and take apart. Performance is just fine. The rigid floor frame prevents the energy wasting flex found in other inflatables. There are many options: rudder kit, spray deck and skirts, canoe thwarts (you can paddle it as a canoe with single paddles) and a sailing rig. It's great for swimming as it is stable and easy to board in the water. For fishing it's fast and quiet. No worrying about making noise in the boat as you are sneaking up on something....

I believe that Neris Kayaks will soon be available in America. It cannot be too quick.

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