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Advice sought on Repair of a Tyne Prefect folding canoe
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Author:  idc [ Sat Jul 27, 2013 6:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Advice sought on Repair of a Tyne Prefect folding canoe

I've acquired an old Tyne Prefect folding kayak and am interested in fixing it up. I've put a post up on a UK canoeing website and thought I should post here too, in case anyone is interested in this model and/or has advice.

Here is a picture:

and more can be seen here along with a request for thoughts and advice on my plans: ... post489221

The only thing I'm thinking of doing that I haven't seen tried elsewhere is the idea of using the canvas deck on a Yost-style pvc hull. I'm assuming the easiest thing to do would be to sew the deck to a length of pvc on each side and then glue that length of pvc to the pvc hull (pulled tight with string as advised in Yost's folding kayak builder's manual). Any thoughts on potential problems with this?
All the best,

Author:  john allsop [ Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice sought on Repair of a Tyne Prefect folding canoe

I am interested in this great find. I almost bought one new before Tyne closed, one of my many mistakes not buying it. Have you managed to make any progress on the refurbishment? Members of the Histotic Canoe and Kayak Association may be able to help, ( if you are not a member it,s a good group to join with a quarterly magazine worth the subscription). I built two Tyne kits in 1978 and at that time Tyne were using PVC for the bottom and canvas for the top or a lighter PVC than used on the bottom, these were NON folders which might have made a differance.

Author:  idc [ Tue Aug 13, 2013 6:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice sought on Repair of a Tyne Prefect folding canoe

Hi John,
Sorry about the delay replying. Its been busy here and am only managing to look in on the forum occasionally. I've not progressed any further with refurbishment yet, but am making plans. I think a roll of pvc and some hh-66 is to be acquired some point in the near future but I may yet also consider patching. I think the tricky thing with patching is that the hull really looks shot in a couple of places (as is more obvious from the photos in the UK thread referred to above) and I fear that any investment in materials and glue might be better spent on replacement pvc. Strangely I've recently been offered a sailing kayak made by Granta (another UK folding canoe company of the 60s 70s), which I may get a chance to look at next week.
Will keep you posted.

Author:  idc [ Mon Oct 28, 2013 1:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Advice sought on Repair of a Tyne Prefect folding canoe

Well, personal projects move slowly here. I've far too much on with work and family and don't seem to get much time to concentrate on fun stuff like boats. Anyway, family are away this week and there was a small autumn storm in UK overnight which meant that the UK transport infrastructure ground to a predictable halt. So I've taken a day off work and spent the day at home assembling the kayak and looking at the points where the skin needs patching. (I may yet try building a new pvc hull, but I thought I'd see what can be done with patching first.)

I also took a closer look at the long roll of hull-patching material that I acquired with the boat. It has a thin, peel-off film backing and was presumably intended to be self-adhesive. Of course forty years on the adhesive didn't seem likely to still be sticky. I thought I'd give it a try just in case, but my low expectations were fully met. My mind then turned to suitable adhesives and thence to figuring out what exactly the patching material (and presumably also the hull) is. I've just re-read your message, John, and I think it may well be pvc hull and canvas upper. The patching material is only silver on the upper side and the underside is woven cloth (with the now non-sticky adhesive). It reminds me somewhat of the oil-cloth my mother used on her tables to stop us kids wrecking them.

So I've ordered a small tin of HH66 as recommended by Tom Yost in the hope that that will work on this material. And I've tried sticking down a few of the flappy edges at the stern with McNett's Aquasure, which is intended for neoprene but seemed to help hold down loose edges on my Klepper. I'm now letting that dry to see how it holds up and when the HH66 arrives I'll try it out. My slight concern is that Tom seems to use a pvc that is coated with pvc on both sides, whereas what I'm looking at looks like a cloth with a thin silver covering on only one side. I wonder if HH66 will glue that? Does anyone have any better suggestions for an adhesive to try?

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